Do you use Class Dojo?  If not, what are you waiting for!  I've used Class Dojo in my middle school classroom for the past 3 years, and have had COUNTLESS success using it!  Here is how I use it in my classroom!

Class Dojo allows students to earn points and lose points according to the behaviors that you create.  In my classroom, the points that you earn allow you to me at certain levels.  I currently have 10 levels that I use...Here they are!

As students earn, and lose points, it will allow them to be at certain levels.  Students can move into and out of levels depending on their points that they earn and lose.  Once students earn enough points to achieve a new level, they then earn certain privileges.  Here are the privileges I have for each of my levels:

I tell my students that they have to keep track of their points and let me know once they've moved up a level. That way it's all in their hands!

I then hand them a Rewards Card that specifies what privilege they've earned!  They can use it at ANY point during the year!  I very easily just print these out on card stock and tell them to HANG ONTO IT because they only get ONE!  I do keep a list of each of my periods so that I can keep track of who has received what card.  Here are some examples of the Reward Cards that I hand out:

I also have a Student Store in my class where students can use their Dojo points to buy certain items.  Here is what my Class Store list looks like:

I've used my Class Dojo system in my middle school classroom for YEARS and my students have absolutely LOVED it!  

Do you use Class Dojo?  I'd love to hear your story!  Comment below, include your e mail address, and I'll choose ONE lucky winner to receive my Class Dojo Rewards Bundle to use in your class this year!