Organization in a Middle School Classroom!

Hello everyone!  Julia from History from the Middle here with some tips and tricks on staying organized in a middle school classroom!

Here are some easy to do tips and tricks I use in my history class.  I teach 6 different sections of history, 3 7th grade and 3 8th grade.  The first thing I do, is organize all of my classes into "colors".  I then have colored containers that go with each period.  So, they know when they turn something in, to turn it into their period and their colored container.  I have these containers labeled on bookshelves in my classroom, so students can easily see them, and can turn in things at any time!

I also have easy to grab caddies for needed supplies.  Each caddie has glue sticks, markers, crayons and a stapler for students to use.  I also have containers with highlighters and dry erase markers when we need them in class!

I also organize each of my desks by numbering them.  Each seat number also has a specific job.  Set #1 is my Materials Manager.  They are in charge of getting supplies for their table mates.  Seat #2 get to choose a job.  I have several different class jobs that they can choose from such as class leader, secretary, tech helper, first aid, teacher/sub help.  Finally, seat #3 is my table leader.  This student will be the reporter for their table for various class discussions, or just the student to help organize their table as we work in collaborative groups.  Also, each table is a specific color that matches the color of their supplies caddy!

I also use my color coded organization on my student work display wall.  Each period is represented by the color-backing, and then I choose 15 from that class to display on the wall!  This has made a GREAT and EASY way for me to represent all 6 of my classes!

I'd love to hear what types of organization YOU use in your classroom!  Please share below!

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