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As teachers we have so many pieces moving non-stop that it can be a little tough to get ourselves organized and develop systems that help us work efficiently. As teachers, we also know and understand the importance of working efficiently in order to best meet the needs of our students! You know the saying goes, “work smarter not harder!” That’s why I created one of my absolute favorite staples, Daily Agenda Slides. These have been my go-to for years and work wonders in keeping me and my students organized and focused on the tasks at hand.


One of the great features of these digital slides is that they can easily be used both in a traditional brick and mortar classroom setting or in a digital learning environment. Better yet, for those of us who are teaching in person and online simultaneously, these are perfect!


Daily agenda slides are a great way to begin each class. Implementing this tool into your everyday schedule will work wonders for your classroom organization and routines and procedures. By displaying these slides at the start of each class period you will be setting your students up for success. Let’s take a look at the elements of these slides and why they work so well.

Each set includes a cover for the week!
 These daily agenda slides are great for a wide range of grade levels from upper elementary all the way to twelfth grade. They are editable and can be used with any subject area that you may teach. They mainly consist of two digital slides. The first slide is the weekly slide. I display the weekly slide at the beginning of each and every week. This slide informs students of what we will be covering for the upcoming week. You will edit these to work with the subject area that you are teaching. Fill in the dates, unit of study and topics you will be covering in class along with your essential question. This overview slide is great to give students direction on what they will be learning in class during this unit. It also provides consistency and structure on when they can expect to see the essential question for each unit.


You will get 6 individual Slides per topic!

The next slide is the daily slide. I display this slide each and every day for students to see. The daily agenda is where you will list the lesson objectives along with a scale or rateable activity so students will be able to know when they have mastered the daily target. You also have space to include daily materials. This ensures students are fully prepared for the lesson along with any reminders. I like to include any upcoming tests or projects that are due.


The slides work wonders in keeping your classroom organized. They allow you to house all of your information in one place. Not only do they help us as teachers stay focused on the learning target for each lesson they help students master standards by providing a daily routine that outlines each class period. As you begin to consistently display these daily slides, you will start to see students respond to them and look to them for guidance for the lesson.


There are so many ways you can implement these slides into your daily routine. Like I mentioned earlier, in a traditional classroom setting you can display on a SmartBoard or with a projector at the front of the room. If you are teaching virtually, you can incorporate these into your virtual lesson plans. You can add them to Google classroom or other online platforms.You may even choose to display these on your class website,Google Site, or email them to parents in your weekly newsletter to inform them of what content will be covered each week.

I have several sets available, here are the links if you are interested!

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I hope you love them just as much as I do and find them to be an easy addition to your lesson plans that you can’t live without!

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