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The holiday season is fast approaching! A time to get excited about trees decorated with lights and ornaments, candy canes, singing joyful carols, time with family, and a break from school, all the things that make the holiday season great! But how did these traditions begin? That is the question many students wonder about. 

As the holiday season approaches, and your students get squirmy with excitement, you may be looking for ideas on how to celebrate this most fun holiday in your classroom, but students still have to learn, right? Why not combine the two? 

To capitalize on the excitement, joy, and anticipation of the holiday season, I created a series of fun webquests to engage students and create opportunities for them to learn at the same time. As a teacher, it can’t get any sweeter than that! 


Webquests are easily one of my favorite ways to deliver instruction, and students really enjoy it, too. Because I am not the one lecturing to them, something they are used to, they are already pretty excited and engaged. (Ha!) But in all seriousness, they get to explore on their own (with guidance from me, of course). I’ve found that giving students the freedom and agency to complete their work goes a long way in getting students to stay connected and engaged with the class as a whole. 

History of Holiday Favorites

In History of the Holiday Favorites, students have 5 different webquest activities they can complete covering the History of the Poinsettia, Christmas Trees, Celebrating Christmas, Candy Canes, and Carols. You can assign topics to individual students, have them choose their own, use once a day for every student, or let them work in groups, too! It is such a versatile set of activities it will fit into any teaching method and time frame you need it to! 

My favorite part of this product, like all of my other products, is that it comes with a digital and paper format, making it perfect for a 100% in-person class, fully remote class, or even a hybrid of both. 

It is important to note that you should prescreen any materials, especially ones involving traditionally religious holidays, before using in your classroom. I have taken care to create activities surrounding holidays and celebrations by choosing topics that are secular in nature. This means in this unit, you will not see a focus on Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and the story of the Nativity.

Upon purchase, you will receive a link to a Google Drive folder that contains ALL of the resources in this product, both digital and print versions. When you click to open the document, it will be VIEW ONLY. In order to edit the file to suit your own needs, you will need to go to FILE and MAKE A COPY in order to edit. Be sure to add the copy to your own Drive so you can access it and use it multiple times! 

To post this on Google Classroom, all you need to do is create an assignment and attach the file from your Google Drive folder!

I sincerely hope you and your students find this resource as educational, fun, and engaging as I do in my own classroom! 

Looking for just the DIGITAL version of this activity? Click HERE!

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